BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer


Environmental samples, food hygiene, water samples, agriculture and its products, geological and metallurgy samples , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention samples test, medicine, biological materials, cosmetics, textiles, clinical test and educational scientific research. 

Testing objects

Used to test As, Hg, Se, Sb, Bi, Pb, Te, Ge, Cd, Sn, Zn, Au and other trace elements in food, agricultural products, tap water, surface water, seawater, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, metallurgy and geology samples. Detecting the speciation of As, Hg, Se, Sb and other elements after upgrade.


Ø Two lamp positions and channels-detecting two elements simultaneously.

Ø Small angle light path (patent)-The design of inclined optical path has advantages on low background and high signal, Compared with the traditional optical path, the sensitivity of inclined optical path is improved about 30% which can greatly improve the stability and detection limit of the instrument.

Ø Mercury lamp automatic excitation and deduction drift system (patent).

Ø Element lighting sources without the need of adjustment (patent).

Ø High-precision argon control system: the advanced dual-channel mass flowmeter is used to control the carrier gas and shielding gas.

Ø Full automatic dual sampling system (patent)-The sampling system can be selected through software and switch automatically. All sampling systems have the function of automatic dilution and single-point automatic configuration curve.

Ø Liquid level detection technology(patent)-The liquid level of samples can be detected automatically.

Ø Ultra silent auto-sampler-efficient, silent, automatic replenishment of carrier fluid, automatic sampling system of large sample tray, the number of sample positions for the single plate is more than 200, which can meet the needs of different users.

Ø Intelligent work platform-simple software operation.

Ø With  LAN/WIFI communication interface.


ElementsAs, Sb, Bi, Se, Pb, Te, SnHg, CdZnAu
Measurement of linear(R)>0.9995
Relative Standard Deviation(RSD)As, Sb, Bi, Hg:≤0.5%
Detection Limit (DL) /μg/L<0.01<0.001<1.0<3.0
Linear rangeMore than three orders of magnitude