BDFIA-8000 Flow injection analysis system

BDFIA-8000 can work automatically including sampling, sample online preprocessing, chemical reaction, detection, data report, etc..

Measurement items

Volatile phenol, Cyanide, Total cyanide, Total phosphorus, Total nitrogen, Soluble sulfide, Nitrate, Nitrite, Permanganate index, Ammonia nitrogen, Silicate, Anionic surfactant, Orthophosphate, Hexavalent chromium, Fluoride, Urea, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Acidity, Chroma, Calcium, Magnesium, Formaldehyde etc..

Application areas

Ø Water quality analysis (drinking water, public sewage, industrial wastewater, surface water, ground water, waste water, etc.)

Ø Environmental analysis (soil analysis, plant analysis)

Ø Food and beverage analysis

Ø Fertilizer analysis

Technical  Index

Ø Integral design, sampling, reaction and detection parts are all in one instrument. The analyzer can work independently without host and autosampler.

Ø One 42-position autosampler is used in each channel.

Ø High-sensitivity and dual-beam detector with low detection limit and good repeatability.

Ø One 12-port non-adjustable peristaltic pump.

Ø Runs up to 16 channels for high productivity analysis dedicated operation.

Ø In-line sample preparation methods for analytes like cyanide, ammonia and surfactants (MBAS) available.

Ø 1cm and 2cm flow cell can be used.

Ø The successful application of the FIA theory shortens the analysis time and improves the analysis efficiency.

Ø LAN, WiFi communication mode.

Ø Program-controlled heating module and UV digestion module, the panel displays in real time, and the setting can be easily completed with a click of the mouse.

Ø Preparation of standard samples and dilution of high concentration samples can be realized by using proportional dilution valve. The dilution can be realized when sample was absorbed in the sample coil without stopping the analyzer. the dilution factor is 1-20 times.

Ø Determination of parameters such as cyanide, total cyanide, volatile phenol and anionic surfactant.


1Technical index of volatile phenol
1.1Method principle: 4-aminoantipyrine spectrophotometry
1.2Linear range:0.001 -0.2mg/L
1.3Detection limit: ≤0.0003mg/L
1.4Sample analysis frequency:20samples/hour
1.5Precision: ≤1%
1.6Accuracy: The error is within ± 3%
2Technical index of volatile phenol
2.1Method principle: Potassium permanganate fading spectrophotometry
2.2Linear range:0.05/L-10 mg/L
2.3Detection limit: ≤0.02 mg/L
2.4Sample analysis frequency:22 amples/h
2.5Precision: ≤1%
2.6Accuracy: The error is within ± 3%
3Technical index of (Total) cyanide
3.1Method principle: Isotonic acid barbituric acid spectrophotometry
3.2Linear range:0.001 -0.2mg/L
3.3Detection limit: ≤0.0005mg/L
3.4Sample analysis frequency:20 samples/h
3.5Precision: ≤1%
3.6Accuracy: The error is within ± 3%
4Technical index of Anionic surfactant
4.1Method principle: Methylene blue photometry
4.2Linear range:0.02 -2mg/L
4.3Detection limit: ≤0.01mg/L
4.4Sample analysis frequency:20 samples/h
4.5Precision: ≤1%
4.6Accuracy: The error is within ± 3%