BTDS-52 Automatic Total Dissolved Solid Analyzer


BTDS-52 Automatic Total Dissolved Solid Analyzer is an automatic evaporation constant weight analysis system developed by Baode, which is based on constant temperature, humidity, and weight in a closed box. It is used to weigh various samples such as water, food, solid waste, dust, and various carriers such as crucibles and evaporating dishes under constant temperature, humidity, and weight. It is used for analyzing dissolved total solids, suspended solids, and other items in water samples, reducing dust concentration. It is an important equipment for ensuring the accuracy of weighing, analysis, and quality control during determination of moisture content in food and solid waste.


Ø Eliminates the fluctuation of weighing results caused by unstable temperature and humidity changes in the laboratory environment

Ø Improves the stability and accuracy of weighing results such as crucibles

Ø Improves the reliability of sample concentration measurement results.

Ø Evaporate, dry, and weigh various samples and their containers in large quantities automatically, without the need for laboratory personnel to frequently shuttle between the balance room and the high-temperature room, greatly improving work efficiency.

Ø High-temperature and high-pressure overload protection, no need for personnel to be on duty, ensuring the safe operation and management of the laboratory.

Applicable Projects

Ø Total dissolved solids, suspended solids, total dissolved solids ,  gross α/ β measurement of radioactive activity and other items in water quality samples such as drinking water, source water, groundwater, surface water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, etc

Ø Determination of moisture content in food

Ø Gravimetric determination of moisture and dry matter content in solid waste

Ø Dust reduction of ambient air and determination of crucible constant weight


Ø Environmental protection/third-party testing industry:

Ø Automatic weighing of water quality monitoring, solid waste detection, and other samples and their filter media

Ø Disease control industry: water quality analysis

Ø Food industry: food testing

Ø Geological industry: detection of radioactive substances in groundwater

Ø Scientific research, university education: source analysis of atmospheric particulate matter, etc

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