Navigating new dreams, gathering waves and moving forward

Baode Instrument's 2023 Dongdaihe Seaside Team Building Tour Ends Successfully  


In order to strengthen the cohesion and teamwork of employees,

enrich employees’ spare time and enhance organizational vitality and also thank all employees for their hard work, Baode organized employees from R&D, production and functional departments to conduct a Romantic and interesting 3 days and 2 nights Dongdaihe seaside team building on August 11-13 to let everyone have fun after stressful work. 


Fulfill your beach dream, step on the sand and chase the wind

The beauty of the seaside, full of infinite tenderness

White waves, orange sunset, boats moored at the pier

There are also fresh and delicious seafood and special delicacies to feast on

Let everyone enjoy the romance and taste of the sea 

Amidst laughter and cheers, joy of gathering is everywhere


Starry in the eyes, full of fireworks

At night, a dazzling fireworks display bloomed on the beach

Watching the stars and fireworks resonate in the sky

Every minute is exciting and not repetitive

Shocking and romantic to the extreme

Finally, dancing and singing together around the enthusiastic bonfire

We maintain romance and love, and the future is bound to be the sea of stars


On the third morning, everyone gathered at the beach,

Divide into groups and develop team names and slogans

The exciting team competition of tearing off famous brands and tug of war has begun

The team members sometimes charge ahead and sometimes deftly dodge

Everyone is full of morale and devoted to the activity

Through fun filled and joyful activities

Through cooperation, everyone has enhanced team cohesion and centripetal force

Experience the importance of tactics between attack and defense

Showcased efficient and consistent execution, as well as a collaborative team spirit

Give it all at work and be enthusiastic and unrestrained while playing


Using dreams as horses, achieving extraordinary results

"Let's TRAVEL TOGETHER" runs along the ideal path with a group of like-minded people

Turns back with stories all the way down

Firm steps up, clear distance, 

Happy time always short. 

Team building activities come to a successful end

Thanks for meeting, the future is promising! "