Remember original intention and forge ahead | Baode Instruments’ 2023 year-end summary meeting and New Year’s annual meeting were held successfully


Remember original intention, forge ahead


Wind and frost are gone, and atmosphere is harmonious. The calendar adds new year, and spring fills the old mountains and rivers. From January 19th to 21st, 2024, Beijing Baode Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baode ") conducted a three-day New Year team-building activity at Xingrui Hot Spring Resort Hotel. On January 20, 2023 year-end summary meeting and the New Year Annual Meeting with the theme of " Remember original intention and forge ahead" were grandly held. The shareholder leaders, senior leaders and all employees gathered to look back on the unforgettable 2023 and start 2024 together.


Heading against the wind, firing on all cylinders

With the exciting opening music, the annual meeting kicked off officially. At the beginning, the leaders and general manager of each department delivered year-end summary speeches, reviewing work and development over the past year. Finally, Chairman Chen delivered a New Year's greeting.


Deputy General Manager Hu Chunli

Deputy General Manager Hu Chunli's speech was sincere and inspiring. He said,“We have achieved excellent and gratifying results in 2023. The fruitful results are inseparable from hard work of every colleague, brave the wind and the rain. At the same time we also benefiting from the tacit cooperation of various departments. I believe that our team will continue to move forward bravely and achieve greater results in 2024.” Mr. Hu’s speech not only reflected his recognition and affirmation for the past achievements, but also revealed his firm confidence and ardent expectations for the company’s future.


R&D Director Zhao Ping

The speech by R&D Director Zhao Ping was like a bright light, guiding us to future. She emphasized that by increasing R&D investment and manpower, it not only achieved significant results in new product R&D and product optimization in 2023, but also provided a more solid innovation foundation for future technological competition. Finally, based on the industry's cutting-edge perspective she pointed out strategically that in this era with fierce competition, we can only work hard to provide products with advanced technology and excellent quality, provide high level and thoughtful after-sales service and satisfy customers with excellent marketing. Only by this way, can we not be abandoned by the times and remain at the forefront.


Production Director Tang Qijun

Production Director Tang Qijun's speech was powerful and sincere. He confirmed the past achievements of employees across the entire production and supply chain, but also summarized all-round control of product quality, careful management of human resources, and strict supervision of production safety, etc. He also put forward many ardent expectations for future work. He hoped that colleagues in the production and supply chain will treat every day of the New Year with the fullest enthusiasm, improve the quality of work, further focus on safe production, and do their best for the development of the enterprise. 


General Manager Li Yingwei

General Manager Li Yingwei's speech was impassioned and touching, demonstrating his deep understanding and foresight for the development of the industry and the company. He said,” After three years of epidemic, 2023 is an unprecedented year. The economy is depressed, demand has dropped sharply, and the industry competition is fierce. Under such a difficult situation, Baode still breaks through the difficult situation, insists on increasing staff and strengthening R&D investment, seizing all favorable opportunities, launching new products and improving existing products constantly, and improving product quality and service quality. We have achieved gratifying results with the joint efforts, and the sales and after-sales service are very encouraging. He also used Li Bai’s poems The road is difficult and there are many diverging paths. Where are we today? Brave the wind and the waves, and sail straight to the sea." Each of his words was full of great concern for the growth and development of Baode, which made people feel deeply for his deep emotion and strong responsibility. His enthusiasm and passion made us deeply moved and full of infinite expectations for the future of Baode.


Chairman Chen Zhixin

Chairman Chen Zhixin first expressed his heartfelt thanks to all employees for their hard work over the past year on behalf of the company's management! He also reported briefly on the company's overall work in recent years in terms of standardized management, new product development, and new market expansion, and elaborated on the company's achievements in internal management, new product development, strategic cooperation, and market expansion. Finally, he expressed new expectations and vision: 2024 will be the tenth year of the company's establishment. We will continue to focus on the company's strategy and overall layout, further improve our internal strength, increase investment in R&D, develop more domestic analytical instruments that can achieve "import substitution", and welcome the company's tenth anniversary with even more outstanding results!

wonderful and passionate feast

During the annual meeting, there were various types of programs including singing and dancing, short sketches, cross talk, etc. The melody was pleasant and moving, the performances were real and natural, and the rhythm was bright, showing an atmosphere full of energy and hard work. We also prepared interesting games at the annual meeting, as well as lucky draws with generous prizes such as scarves, watches, and mobile phones. Everyone participated actively, and the scene was very lively.





Condensing light into glow, gather fire into torch

 At the end of the annual meeting, all took photos on stage. In front of the camera, we smile brightly and full of confidence. Facing the challenges of the future, we will move forward with faith and enthusiasm, and strive to create greater glories!


Joy and peace, happy every year

In addition to the annual meeting, the company also prepare entertainment projects such as ecological park tours and hot spring clubs, as well as sumptuous buffets and banquets such as delicious food and wine, rewarding everyone for their hard work in the past year, and making everyone feel warmth of home. At the annual meeting dinner, all employees toasted to the new year and jointly wished that Bode will have a better tomorrow!

Make great progress and prosperity


The green pines never fall in the cold, and the blue sea is vast and clear. Time never fails to fulfill its promise to those who strive, and it never fails to praise those who work hard. Looking back on 2023, Baode will continue to break through and innovate amidst changes, and lead the way in market storms. Facing 2024, all Baode people will not forget their original aspirations and forge ahead, adhering to the mission of "talented, ethical, pragmatic and innovative", and accelerate towards the goal of "committed to becoming an expert in nutrition and safety test for source food"!