BASE-26 Automatic Solvent Extractor

BASE-26 Automatic Solvent Extractor is a sample pre-treatment method from solid or semi-solid samples. It meets the standard of EPA 3545A.


Ø Simple to operate and high level of automation. 

Ø 26 samples can be extracted each time

Ø Designed to be unattended throughout the extraction process.

Ø Improves working efficiency and reduces labor intensity of the staff.


Rapid extraction of target components from solid or semi-solid samples in soil, environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic products, agricultural and food products and some natural product samples. 

Main Parameter

Ø Temperature: room temperature ~210℃.

Ø Pressure: 0-25MPa

Ø Volume: 1ml, 5ml, 11ml, 22ml, 33ml, 66ml, 100ml

Ø Extraction time: < 20min

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