Direct Mercury Analyzer

BDHg-60 Direct Mercury Analyzer is based on the principle of electro thermal vaporization atomic absorption spectrometry (ETV-AAS) . It meets the standards of EPA7473.


Food Safety, Environmental Protection, Disease Control and Prevention, Medicine, Agriculture, Mining, Soil, Surface Water, Groundwater, Cosmetics, Scientific Research and other fields of samples.


Easy Operation: No need to sample digestion.

High Efficiency:

Ø Complex matrix sample was tested in less than 5 minutes

Ø Simple matrix sample takes less than 3 minutes.

Ø Up to 60 samples on the device at one time.

Excellent Repeatability and Accuracy

Environmentally Friendly:  tail gas produced absorbed by waste gas treatment device.

Intelligent platform:  diagnose faults and display all spectra in real time.

Direct transfer of solid sample weight results

LAN/WFI communication interface

Main Parameter

Quality Detection Limit: ≤ 0.005ng

Repeatability: RSD ≤ 1% (1ng)

Maximum Samples: Solid for 1500 mg; Liquid for 1.5 ml

Linearity Range: 0~40 ng (Long-path-length Cell); 40~900 ng (Short-path-length Cell);

Correlation Coefficient: R ≥ 0.999

Measurement Method: Peak area or peak height

Calibration Method: Standard Solution or Reference Material