The 11th Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion! Baode shows the innovative charm in domestic analytical instruments

The 11th Munich Shanghai Analytical China Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Analytical China) concluded successfully on July 13, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This year's exhibition brought together 1273 participating companies and cooperative units, as well as 56864 professional visitors to participate in the grand event. The eight exhibition areas, covering a total exhibition area of nearly 80000 square meters, present more than 900 annual new products and technologies, innovative technologies, and cutting-edge solutions. Beijing Baode Instrument Co., Ltd. anticipates with its fully automated laboratory analysis instrument series products and application solutions, and attracts numerous professional visitors from both domestic and foreign countries to visit.


We also attracted a large number of overseas buyers to consult. On the first day, we received more than 20 foreign merchants from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other countries. They show great interest in our independent research and development of instruments, and also expressed their willing to deepen cooperation in future.


At the booth, Baode mainly showcased core products such as fully automatic flow injection analyzer, liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence spectrometer, fully automatic chemical oxygen demand (dichromate method) analyzer, fully automatic multi-channel permanganate index analyzer, direct injection mercury analyzer, fully automatic titrator, portable fully automatic flow injection analyzer, fast solvent extractor, and fully automatic iodine analyzer. We brought our newly developed fully automatic water quality analysis products and solutions - fully automatic BOD analyzer, fully automatic constant temperature and humidity evaporator, and total α/β Fully automatic evaporator to enable on-site attendees and industry partners to have a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding our product advantages and practical application cases in environmental analysis and testing, food safety, inspection and quarantine, medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural testing, scientific research and other application fields.



At the same time, the sales director received a special topic interview on the Instrument Information Network - "Easy Selection" Cloud Tour Exhibition - Instrument Information Network 2023 Shanghai Analysis and Biochemistry Exhibition New Product Live Activity ", showcasing the company's image and more than ten fully automated laboratory analysis instrument products to online audiences through the cloud live streaming platform, and focused on promoting two new products independently developed and manufactured by Baode - fully automatic permanganate index analyzer and fully automatic chemical oxygen demand (dichromate method) analyzer.


On the second day, over 60 experts from ecological and environmental units visited Baode booth. With the enthusiastic reception and accompanying explanation from the staff, the experts visited the core products, and focused on understanding the newly developed and produced water quality analysis products and their advantages. Through on-site communication, sharing, and physical display at this exhibition, the expert team gained a clearer and more intuitive understanding of Baode development strength and the strong advantages of its products and services. They expressed recognition and affirmation, and the on-site atmosphere was exceptionally warm and lively.