Renewed appearance, innovative upgrade | BCEIA2023 has come to a successful end, and Baode has broken through a new milestone by showcasing a full range of self-developed products!


On September 6-8, 2023 the 20th Beijing Analysis and Testing Academic Report and Exhibition (BCEIA 2023) with the theme of "Vitality, Life, Health, and Green Future" was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) in Beijing. BCEIA attracted over 30000 experts, scholars, instrument manufacturers, agents, and professional users from global analysis and testing field.

Baode, as a perennial partner of BCEIA, made a stunning appearance at the exhibition this year with 360 open design booth image, and showcased a full range of self-developed analysis and testing products. On the exhibition, many industry experts, attendees, visitors, and merchants came to visit, exchange and negotiate.



At the site, Baode received the care and attention from many well-known experts and leaders in the industry. Leading experts from the BCEIA Association visited us for inspection and guidance. Experts highly praised our competitive innovative technology and high-quality instrument products in the market, and also praised our excellent research and development capabilities and corporate culture.




Our staff provided detailed explanation of new technologies, products, and applications to visitors and partners with full enthusiasm and professional knowledge, allowing everyone to have further understanding of innovative technology capabilities and unique characteristics of various products.


Hu Chunli, Our Sales and Marketing Director broadcasted company's development history and details of various instruments to the online audience through online platforms such as Instrument Information Network and Instrument Network, fully demonstrating Baode Instruments' automation technology research and development capabilities.

In addition, We also attracted many overseas merchants for consultation, and in-depth communication and interaction have laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

In addition to bringing star products such as automated flow injection analyzers, atomic fluorescence analyzers, and liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence spectrometers with mature markets, four new automated water quality analysis instruments were also showcased on site for the first time, namely Automatic Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer, Automated Total Dissolved solid analyzer, and Automatic  Evaporator for gross alpha/beta activity concentrations in water and Automatic Constant Temperature and Humidity Weighing System have attracted many experts and viewers to visit. After learning about products, many viewers have showed strong interest. After explanation by our staff, they have expressed that products had strong market competitiveness and advantages, such as high degree of automation, efficiency improvement, and experimental costs reduction.


New product debut

BDBOD-500 Automatic Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer

Ø Adopt an integrated structural design

Ø Imported dissolved oxygen probe and electrochemical probe method are used, meeting national standards

Ø Support automatic temperature and pressure compensation, as well as salinity correction

Ø Support automatic aeration, diluent addition, and probe cleaning functions

Ø Widely used in fields such as environmental protection, disease control, hydrological systems, and water management systems, the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in surface water, industrial wastewater, and domestic sewage, as well as the determination of five day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and dissolved oxygen (DO) in water quality


BDCW-50 Automatic Constant Temperature and Humidity Weighing System

Ø Eliminates weighing results fluctuation caused by unstable temperature and humidity changes in the laboratory environment, improves stability and accuracy of weighing results such as crucibles, and improves reliability of sample concentration measurement results

Ø Evaporate, dry, and weigh various water quality samples and their containers automatically in large quantities without laboratory personnel to frequently shuttle between balance rooms and high-temperature rooms, improving work efficiency

Ø Equipped with functions such as high-temperature and high-pressure overload protection, without personnel to be on duty, ensuring safe operation and management of the laboratory


BLC-12 Automatic Evaporator for Gross Alpha/Beta activity concentrations in water

Ø Adopts full automation to replace manual operation by laboratory personnel, processing large batches and large volumes of water samples at once, reducing pre-treatment time and workload, fast, efficient, and intelligent and automatic

Ø Applicable to surface water, groundwater, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and other radioactive water samples, as well as water samples such as drinking water, source water, and natural mineral water for total α/β Automatic pre-treatment of evaporation, concentration, and acid removal during the detection of radioactive activity concentration

Ø Suitable for evaporative concentration of dissolved total solids (TDS) in drinking water, source water, and natural mineral water projects

Ø Widely used in ecological environment monitoring centers, nuclear and radiation safety monitoring departments, disease control centers, occupational disease prevention and control centers, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, nuclear industry research institutions, nuclear geology, nuclear power plants, nuclear science related research institutions, marine testing, water companies, third-party testing companies and other related fields

Baode also prepared a large number of gifts to welcome and entertain the audience, making the atmosphere lively and popular.


At this exhibition, Baode not only had in-depth discussions with users, but also had friendly exchanges with industry experts and partners. We made many new friends, learned about the cutting-edge trends and future trends of industry development, opened up international perspectives, and brought new opportunities for future development.

Work hard and never slack off in your actions. We sincerely appreciate the care and concern of expert leaders, as well as support and trust from new and long-time users. As a well-known instrument research and development enterprise, We will maintain innovative driving force, continue to move forward with a renewed attitude. We will continue to create more impressive results with hard work and enterprising spirit, creating a better future.