“Baode Instruments‘ Second Instrument Training Course in 2023” came to a successful conclusion!

In order to serve users in an all-round way and improve user experience, improve the operating level of the majority of instrument users on Baode products, and enhance the ability to troubleshoot, analyze, diagnose and maintain instruments, Baode invited user from all regions across the country to conduct a three-day "Second Instrument Training Course in 2023" in Guangzhou in September 20-22, 2023.

In just one month, a full quota of 150 users signed up for the training course. From theory to practical operation, the training course was detailed and systematic, and was deeply recognized by the students.

The applicants this time covered management, technology and R&D personnel from scientific research units, physical and chemical testing centers, and inspection and analysis laboratories in various fields such as disease control and testing, environmental protection, third-party testing, medical testing, food testing, etc. All trainees successfully passed the technical Competency level evaluation and assessment and obtaining a completion certificate. Thanks very much for support and trust in this training course.

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

Before the training, Mr. Hu, deputy general manager of Baode, expressed his welcome and thanks to all the trainees. At the beginning, Wang Xiaofang, product manager of Baode, mainly introduced the full range of products and gave a corporate presentation on company history and service capabilities.

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

In this training, a number of senior technical engineers provided theoretical explanations, case analysis, instrument maintenance and troubleshooting of various instrument products to the students, and carried out practical demonstration teaching based on on-site instruments. The training course not only providing solutions to the problems that users encounter in daily use, but also introduces the characteristics and reasons for selection of each instrument, providing more possibilities for detection and analysis.

The main contents of this training are:

● Application of fully automatic flow injection analyzer, explanation of complex experimental methods, and solutions to fault problems

● Introduction of new products from Baode - fully automatic constant temperature and humidity weighing system, fully automatic BOD analyzer, total α/β fully automatic water sample evaporator

● Common problems and solutions for high CODMn (total hardness, salt iodine) detection technology, and case introduction of high CODMn in seawater

● Common problems and solutions for CODCr detection technology

● Explanation and application of atomic fluorescence principles, atomic fluorescence troubleshooting and maintenance, common problems and troubleshooting methods

● Principles and applications of liquid chromatography-atomic fluorescence coupled instrument

● Technical principles and application characteristics of BDHg direct injection mercury detector

● On-site instrument operation explanation and interactive question-answering

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

In the final instrument practical part, Baode engineers demonstrated on-site the four instruments: atomic fluorescence photometer, Direct Mercury Analyzer , fully automatic flow injection analyzer, and fully automatic permanganate index analyzer. Practical operation and data analysis reports, and then introduced each module of the fully automatic chemical oxygen demand (dichromate method) analyzer, total α/β fully automatic water sample evaporator, fully automatic total dissolved solids analyzer and other instruments Parts, common problems and maintenance methods, trainees also asked questions about problems encountered in daily use, and our technical and sales engineers answered them one by one.

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

After the training, the trainees expressed that this was a rare learning opportunity and they benefited a lot from the teachers' detailed introduction and operation. It saved time to explore the instruments, accumulated experience in daily maintenance and method establishment, and improved greatly their experience in operation. It deepens the understanding and mastery of the instrument, which is beneficial to future research and work.

BAF-2000 Atomic fluorescence spectrometer

Baode has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality analytical testing instruments, providing complete solutions from sample preprocessing to analytical testing and professional and comprehensive service guarantees. In future, we will continue to explore, innovate and develop together with users. Baode will continue to strengthen technology research and development and talent training, continuously improve product quality and technical level, continue to empower users with a more efficient, convenient and better instrument use experience, and make greater contributions to my country's analytical instrument industry.